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How To Hire a SaaS Law Firm

Updated: Jun 12

How do you know what SaaS Law Firm to hire to draft, review or negotiate your SaaS contracts and licensing agreements.

The SaaS Law Firm of Andrew S. Bosin LLC located in New Jersey right outside New York City representing SaaS startups, companies, vendors and customer all over the US will learn about your SaaS business quickly so that we can counsel, negotiate, draft, and guide you in all of your company SaaS legal needs.

As a SaaS lawyer and SaaS entrepreneur, Andrew understands more than most attorneys what it takes and what goes into building a SaaS business. It’s so much more than turning an idea into revenues. It takes grit, sheer will, preparation, sacrifice, tenacity and the ability to work well with others. And sometimes things don’t go as planned and you have to pivot and change your entire business strategy.

As a SaaS entrepreneur Andrew understands the myriad of challenges that SaaS startup companies face in a global marketplace economy. Andrew represents companies in their very early-stages. With over two hundred startups as clients, Andrew thrives on helping clients achieve their goals of running a successful SaaS business. The initial consultation is always free so please give Andrew a call.

Andrew’s startup clients come from a wide variety of industries including technology, healthcare, big data, blockchain, ecommerce, manufacturing, restaurants, mobile apps, energy and real estate amongst others. Andrew understands the cash flow and working capital challenges of a startup so he offers flexible fee arrangements.

As a SaaS Contracts Attorney, Andrew provides effective, pragmatic legal solutions to clients ranging from startup, midsize companies, to mature growth companies with revenues well north of $1 million a year. Andrew offers legal advice on choice of business entity structure, whether its an LLC or Delaware Corporation, capital structuring, stock options, vesting, drafting and adopting bylaws; corporate governance after incorporation, employment contract issues, NDA’s, confidentiality agreements, promulgating a board of directors and protecting clients’ intellectual property, combined with drafting agreements to transfer intellectual property from founders to the startup itself.

Andrew understands how to negotiate SaaS transactions for your specific type of business and for what stage or part of the lifecycle it is in. Andrew has the range of experience to negotiate with a licensee or licensor and create and help implement important strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Andrew also helps early-stage SaaS companies with their capital-raising efforts and structuring seed, friends and family and angel capital financing rounds. Andrew offers his clients multiple options for early-stage financing rounds, including SAFEs, equity financings and convertible promissory notes.

Andrew also reviews SaaS startup company business plans and counsels founders to help them with identifying their strengths and weaknesses before meeting with or pitching investors.

Andrew also confers with clients about the need to find the appropriate investors and how to legally structure early seed financing rounds.

Andrew can be reached for a free consultation at 201-446-9643.



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