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Software licensing attorney and software lawyer specializing in drafting plain English software contracts and SaaS agreements

Experienced SaaS Contracts Attorney drafting and negotiating SaaS Agreements and Templates Andrew S. Bosin LLC located in New Jersey right outside New York City.


Andrew drafts, reviews and negotiates SaaS Subscription Agreements, SaaS Vendor Customer Enterprise Agreements, Master Services Agreements (MSA), SaaS Software Application Development Agreements, SaaS Sales Agreements, SaaS Services Agreements, Statement of Work (SOW), SaaS Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Agreements, 

Andrew represents SaaS companies, startups and vendors in all fifty states and charges a price fixed, flat rate legal fee of $2,500.00 to prepare, draft and structure: (i) an enterprise customer SaaS subscription sales template agreement or (ii) a non-enterprise agreement. This includes all revisions to the agreement and all calls and e-mails between you and Andrew.


Andrew counsels SaaS companies located or doing business in Los Angeles, Raleigh, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boulder, Indianapolis, Columbus, Charlotte, Cleveland, San Jose, CA, Atlanta, Boston, Connecticut, Austin, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Denver, Dallas, Nashville, Memphis, Hartford, Cincinnati and Chicago.

Andrew also drafts SaaS Template Agreements, Reseller, Channel Partner and Affiliate Agreements, Website Terms of Use, Terms of Service (TOS) Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Template Agreements, samples and forms.

Because of his entrepreneurial experiences in having also built two SaaS companies from the ground up with partners, Andrew gets calls every week from startup founders looking to him guide them legally through the myriad of legal issues that startups must get through in order to have a chance of being successful.

Andrew stresses to startups the moment he gets on a call with them just how important it is to incorporate and form a legal structure. Not only to protect the company legally and founders' individually from liability but to also enable founders and shareholders to get equity and assign all of the intellectual property they create to the startup.

Why are these things important? If you are a sophisticated investor would you give any money to a bunch of people who had not yet incorporated? How would you enter into an investor agreement with them if there was no legal structure. 

Moreover, if you're an investor your going to want to see founders' agreements in which the bulk of their equity in the startup vests over time. Would you invest money in a startup if each of the founders' equity vested immediately upon them signing their shareholder agreements. The vesting, the not getting all of their stock up front and requiring founders to vest their stock over time is a big reason for founders to stay in a startup and not leave for what they think is a grass is greener situation.

Also, if you are an investor you are going to want every founder or shareholder to assign all of the intellectual property created by them to the startup. If a founder or shareholder does leave the company after you have invested in it the assignment given should prevent them from stealing the IP and using it for themselves or in another company.

Please call Andrew for a free consultation at 201-446-9643.

You can also message Andrew at:

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